Freedom Clap your Hands

2007. Video & audio installation, 2-channels, 1,5 min loop/ 5 min.

Freedom Clap your Hands consists of two parallel projections. One contains footage from the legendary 69’ Woodstock Festival. Lange has edited shots of the audience, zooming in on individual participants and then pulling back to wide panoramas of the crowd. The clip is then reversed and played backwards and forwards in an endless loop.

The other projection shows lively, dancing feet on a red hardwood floor, shifting from those of a child, to those of an adult. A photograph from Abu Ghraib cuts into our peripheral vision in brief stabs. The soundtrack consists of an adapted version of Richie Haven’s Woodstock performance, the well-known spirituals Freedom combined with Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child.

Watch excerpts of the work installed in Tromsø Kunstforening, 2008 

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