Movements in Sleep

2005. Video with sound, 6 min 52 sec


A gliding sky from above interrupted by short sequences of people in constant movement: at an airport terminal, in a military plane, and at a possible urban destination. The rhythmic montage of sound and images suggests a common space in time, whereas the works title refers to a medical condition often exposed to sufferers of post traumatic stress disorders: Periodic limb movements in sleep is characterized by involuntary periodic episodes of repetitive and highly stereotyped limb movements during sleep. They occur at regular intervals and can wake the person from sleep or can go on unnoticed.


The distinct and elaborate soundtrack of "Movements in Sleep" makes it almost a song – a song about one of the core principles of our existence: That humanity is not a matter of privacy. Like Hannah Arendt pointed out in her philosophical-political theories, man is able to realize its humanity only through actions and speech directed against the collective. And all actions must relate to freedom. For some, freedom is created by action, for others it is taken away.

Extract from a speach by Marit Paasche at the premiere in Nasjonalgalleriet, Oslo, September 2005 (in Norwegian)


Watch excerpts and installation view in Tromsø Kunstforening (2008) 

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