One Minute of Silence 

Swedish National Radio P1, September 1996

One Minute of Silence consists of 18 different sound passages, with a duration of 63 to 90 seconds. In each passage one hears a person introducing a wish for one minute of silence. The passages were on the air – one at a time – on Swedish Radio, without introduction, every day in between other programs, for a hole month.

People were chosen from an average selection of the Swedish telephone directory and called up by chance. These were persons from all parts of the country, both sexes, and from different age- and profession groups. They were asked to tell about something that was of special importance to them, something they would hold one minute of silence for on public radio. This was recorded over the phone, and after each person talking there is added one minute of silence. 

One Minute of Silence was made for Swedish National Radio P1 as part of the event “27.680.000 – Nordic Contemporary Art in the Mass Media”, a project initiated by the artists Jørgen Svensson & Stefan Karlsson. Artists from Scandinavia was invited to create works for Swedish National Radio, Swedish National Television and the daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter.


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