Solo exhibition, Stenersenmuseet, Oslo
14 January – 14 March 2010


The exhibition is entitled Riturnella, which is an equivocal term drawn from a traditional Southern Italian song. Its beautiful lyrics invoke emigration and dreams of a better life. The song belongs to a time that seems remote from our own, but social relations in Southern Italy remain complicated. This is also the region of the country where most of the refugees from Africa arrive by boat. The military effort to combat the “illegals” is carried out alongside mafia activities in the region. Neither “illegal” immigration nor the mafia would have come about in a just society with basic rights for all. Lange´s exhibition title does not simply address migration, but also the return of authoritarian and racist ideologies, and the struggle against these ideologies.


From "The Gravity of the Situation" by Anders Eiebakke

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Works in the exhibiton:

• Pay Attention Motherfuckers
2009, serigraphy, 72 x 96 cm, Gallerie Art coated paper 150 gr. Handed out, ed 2500.

Digital print, 166 x 124,5 cm, frame and glass (170 x 127 cm). 


 Unfinished Journey
2009, digital C-print, acryl/aluminium, 106 x 240 cm. 

Plan d’evacuation (Art Museum)
2009, digital C-print, acryl/acryl, 70 x 101 cm.


2009, digital C-print, acryl/acryl, 84 x 176 cm.

Lutter plus
2009, digital C-print, 105 x 140 cm, frame and glass (108 x143 cm). 


Blurred (Islamizationwatchblogspot)
2009, digital C-print, 72 x 96 cm, frame and glass (74x98 cm).


Rettelse/ Correction
2009, gicleeprint on acidfree cotton paper 300 gr, 40 x 47,5 cm, frame and glass (42x49,5 cm).



• Bullshit I

2009, digital C-print, 32 x 42,5 cm, frame and glass (34 x 44,5 cm). 


Bullshit II
2009, digital C-print, 32 x 48 cm, frame and glass (34x50 cm). 


2009, digital C-print, 32 x 42,5 cm, frame and glass (34x44,5 cm). 


 Lampedusa Coastline
2009, digital print on acid free Mohawk paper (148 gr.) 7 parts, each 60 x 80 cm. 


Against the Reintroduction of Race Laws in Europe 

2010, installation, digital print, folded A4, handed out, unlimited edition. 


Fallujah Meditations
2008, video & audio installation, 7 min, carpet on floor. 


Salle des pas perdus
2009/10, video sculpture, loop.


2009/10, video, 28 min/ portable DVD-player.