Camp Dreamland

A video pentalogy, 2003 – 2008

The joint title, Camp Dreamland, highlights these works as a series of artistic reflections on the global political situation 2003-2008. The title reflects the radical substitutions characteristic of military jargon: the American military base outside Fallujah in Iraq is called Camp Dreamland, a euphemistic misnomer that disturbs the understanding of language's relationship to reality.


Fallujah Meditations, 2008, video with sound, 7 min.

Freedom Clap your Hands, 2007, two-channel video with sound, 1.5 min. loop/5 min.

Isfahan mon amour, 2006, video with sound, 3 min.

Movements in Sleep, 2005, video with sound, 6 min. 52 sec.

First Time We Live, 2003, video with sound, 15 min.


Watch excerpts from the works installed in Tromsø Kunstforening, 2008

Read catalogue text by Line Ulekleiv